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Digital specialist H/F - cib digital path - bnp paribas corporate & investment bank

13 juillet Paris, Paris CDI

Pourquoi rejoindre BNP Paribas ?
Notre monde change : notre manière de nous informer, de consommer? et de travailler aussi ! Aujourd'hui, ce qui compte dans un job, c'est de vivre de véritables expériences, d'apprendre, de partager objectifs et résultats avec ses collègues. Bref, de tracer son propre chemin, différent, responsable et durable. Chez BNP Paribas, nous recrutons nos collaborateurs avec l'idée qu'ils nous aideront à concevoir le monde et la banque de demain.
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Digital Specialist ? CIB digital Path ? BNP Paribas Corporate & Investment Bank
 Digital Path CIB is a 18 months experience at the heart of the digital transormation of all business lines & support functions of BNP Paribas CIB.
Based on your key competencies, the path of Digital Specialist will bring you on 3 missions of six months each with challenges related to business lines (Global Markets, Global Banking, Securities services?), transversal topics (strategy, change management, digital transformation of support functions...) & New Technologies (implementation of big data & analytics, blockchains, robotics, chat bots...)
With a fix term contract, this unique experience will speed up your knowledge of the bank and your digital expertise. After this 18 months of Digital Specialist path, you will build a strong network allowing you to choose the right activity & environment for you to settle for further career development.
What to expect?
Your Digital Path will be comprised of 3 missions of 6 months each with common & personalized learning sessions to enhance your digital expertise. The first mission will develop your business view of the bank (design & launch new digital products, transforme client's digital lifecyle...), the second mission will bring you a transversal view of the bank (definition of digital strategy & change management plan for the support functions) and the third mission will strengthen your expertise on new technologies (implementation of big data & analytics, AI, machine learning, blockchain, robotics, cybersecurity strengthening...). On each on these missions, you will deepen your mastering of digital technologies & environments and boost your leadership with Lean Startup & Agile methodologies !
Motivating, isn't it ? You will develop your capacities of project management & agile methodologies, deep knowledge of the bank's business lines & support functions as well as the challenges driven by cutting-edge technologies, and apply these learnings in driving the digital transformation of the bank.
Your three-dimension vision of the bank's digital challenges, your ability to adapt, your excellent communication & problem-solving skills will be your best allies to discover and share breakthrough ideas with international stakeholders.
Your environment ?
Based in Paris as a member of the digital path CIB, you will have the opportunity to go abroad for either a mission or at least a few business trips to London, Lisbon or New York / Montreal. Under the leadership of your project manager, you will also be assigned a coach to discuss openly about your ambitions, performances, and next steps for your career after 18 months. Many team-buiding seminars & Tech events (Vivatech Forum, Hackatons) will be organized on top of dedicated conferences in BNP Paribas FabLabs & incubators, which enables you to fully develop your internal & external networks.
"Nothing more exciting than collaboration and transformation of the bank in a changing world ! "
Location: Paris & potentially, missions & a few business trip in Europe (London, Lisbon, Brussel) or in North-America (New-York, Montreal).
Your package ?
An attractive package will be proposed to you depending on your academic & professional path.
How should I apply ?
The selection process is already started ! Keep calm & apply on-line ASAP !  We still have available interview slots during the summer ! Once you have uploaded your CV, you will receive in the following days an invitation to pass on-line & on-site tests before meeting our HR & a few managers !
Why to join BNP Paribas CIB ? 
Our world is changing and so are the ways we receive information, consume and even work. Today, people want more than just a job. They are looking to enjoy real experiences, learn new skills, share objectives as well as results with their colleagues, all the while expressing their creativity. In short, they want to blaze their own trail in a unique, responsible and sustainable way. At BNP Paribas, we recruit new employees with the understanding that they will help us to design tomorrow's world and the bank of the future.
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Will you be one of our Digital Specialist ?
You have a bachelor or master degree in engineering, information technologies or business administration. You are passionate about new technologies & have developped skills in the following areas: new business strategy, digital marketing & communication, change management, web design... If you have a successful story in these areas, come share it with us !
Of course, you are fluent in English !
Last but not least: team work & pro-activity are your top qualities ! Together with a problem-solving & result-driven mindset, you are ready to apply !
Let's apply & join our BNP Paribas CIB community of digital talents as a Digital Specialist ! #CIBDigitalPath

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