Credit Agricole Creditor Insurance Dublin


French operations & complaints manager H/F

21 mars Ireland, Dublin City Center CDD

Management and development of the French & Complaints Departments through directing/training, coaching, supporting and delegation of tasks
- To ensure that back-ups are in place,
- Development of team leaders technically and to include People Management,
- - People Review, Planning, Organisation etc.
Development of Complaints Analysts and Operations executives in their roles,
- To manage the career prospects of all and participate in career advancement opportunities,
- Implementation of Performance Management System within HR deadlines including Annual Reviews, Interim Reviews, Clear Objective setting etc…,
- Management of Team Attendance
- Management of Team Development – raising the profile of the team at strategic meetings via inviting team members, encouraging them to participate on their subject areas etc…,
- Management of Team Training,
- Participation in the interview selection process,
- Promote the Values and Attitudes initiatives, Great Place To Work initiatives and any other company wide initiatives within the Department.

Monitor, manage and lead Operations and Complaints Department through:
o   the planning, organisation, training, reporting and control of all business to ensure consistency and quality, procedure application and in order to sign off payments and internal reports to the highest standards.
o   Manage and develop the French Operations Department to ensure it meets the service levels required in delivery of Operations objectives as well management and development of the Operations staff,
o   Quality evaluation of day to day business activities – to demonstrate quality improvement initiatives through higher quality results,
o   Sign off payment transfers for French Operations ensuring accuracy and signatory levels are applied,
o   To ensure delivery of all agreed SLAs (Service Level Agreement) internally and to ensure that CACI TPAs deliver on SLAs.
o   The analysis of each customer complaint individually, placing the customer at the heart of the process,
o   The standardisation of complaints management processes and the implementation of training to partners,
o   The root causes analysis of complaints

Quality, Reporting and Active Participation in Committees
Ø  The carrying out of internal quality monitoring at agreed frequency within Operations department (Control Permanent Committee (“RCPR”), PSEE, Quality, Anti-Fraud)
Ø  The coordination of the organisation of controls done by Control Permanent Committee (“RCPR”) and Audit
Ø  The implementation of various reporting to give key indicators to Operations department and for various committees (Operational reporting for IRIS, CACI View, Board reports, BAR),
Ø  The reporting of route cause analysis to various committees
Complaints Committees, Board Meetings, Audit and Risk Committees
Ø  Participate in various committees
Business Development Committee, Partners Committee, Claims, Complaints and Reserving Committees.

• 7 to 10 years in Insurance, , preferably in Payment Protection Insurance or financial services industry

• 5 to 7 years in People Management

• Experience in claims and complaints management, from running the operation team, to designing and maintaining processes

Preferably third level Education, in administration or business school