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M&a associate H/F

20 juin United States, NEW YORK CDI


This position requires strong leadership qualities, good business “instinct” and the ability to work independently
  Ability to participate in the effective execution of transactions as well as in the production of new business efforts
  Proactive approach to begin to contribute to idea generation
and Ability to work on many projects with different team members.  He/she should participate in the development and training of the group’s Analysts.


Problem solver
Quantitative and technical
Strong technical skills – Well stablished knowledge of financial modeling (Discounted Cash Flows, Merger Models and LBO analysis)
Clear understanding of what each particular situation calls for in terms of financial analysis – ability to make decision on financial analysis and capacity to teach analysts to develop modeling and analytical skills
Ability to properly identify and prepare proper comps, relevant industry and company data
Communication and business development
Strong oral and written communication skills
Translate senior members’ transaction ideas into a written document – ability to elaborate pitches with some guidance from senior team members
Communicate well with clients in the execution process
Knowledge of the M&A process and ability to execute alone certain tasks of a sell or buy side transaction
Some specific experience on large sector groups to serve as sector reference in the US team
Group coordination and training
Prioritize and communicate with VP and manage the Analysts
Work efficiently with product specialists, industry specialists, RMs
Explain concepts and tasks to Analysts
Can fill in for Vice President if needed
Quantitative and technical
Review and improve all types of models and comps
Contribute to the structuring of a transaction
Draft initial fairness opinion
Anticipate processes in the execution phase of a transaction
Capacity to prepare a first draft of  marketing materials (pitches)

Communication and business development
Write marketing slides, investment thesis, client correspondence, sales notes
Draft (w/legal) confidentiality agreements and mandate letters
Begin to contribute to idea generation
Group coordination and training
Effectively process several simultaneous transactions
Successfully problem solve day to day execution situations
Articulate transaction concepts, product nuances, and market data to deal team
Assist in analyst training and coordination of their tasks

3 years of Investment Banking related experience

Bachelor's Degree in Finance or related field