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42 Capital was founded in 2009 to provide advisory and consulting services to traditional or alternative asset managers, multi-managers and private banks. With experience in quantitative analytics and trading, both on the sell side and the buy side we can assist traditional and alternative asset managers at various stages of their investment process. 42 Capital can assist tradional asset managers by providing customised asset and risk allocation models, and help them enhance the risk profile of their portfolio. We have devised sophisticated, robust and stable risk allocation methodologies but we can also help build and implement hedging overlays to traditional portfolios.

Depending on the markets, the risk profile that the asset manager wants to deliver to its investor and the ownership he wants to have on the overlay, we can deliver fully systematic stategies or provide a more active service to fine tune, evolve and possibly help execute more complex srategies, especially option overlays.We also help fund managers on the risk control and management side. Complexity can arise from convex products like vanilla and exotic options, but even simple simple products providing linear exposure to derived or alternative risk axis can create subtle and complex dynamics that need to be properly understood, measured and monitored.

We can deploy quantitive analytics frameworks but also educate and help risk manage managers on new risks or instrument like volatility futures or ETFs, dividends and correlation productsFor sophisticated investors and alternative firms, 42 Capital acts as an alpha provider, delivering systematic trading strategies usually fully packaged with their analytics, monitoring and execution tools. This sometimes involves a closer relationship with clients where we develop and build their quantitative infrastructure, trading and risk platform and technology.Finally, we also work on very specific missions, sometimes for banks or institutional clients, both on the quantitative or technology side.