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During 2010, AXA Group Solutions achieved many important projects, thank to engagement of more 750 colleagues.

In the service of 25 AXA entities, in 16 countries, AXA Group Solutions deploy IT solutions that daily capitalise on the Group’s worldwide presence.

AXA Group Solutions aims to facilitate and accelerate convergence by redefining shared IT solutions and transversal projects.

Our missions are to:

- Help the Group to developing and deploying transversal programs,

- Set up, deploy and maintain IT solutions that capitalise on the Group’s worldwide presence.

AXA Group Solutions assumes the role of IT department of the Group and Support functions in Europe.

Our services are:

- Program management.

- Project delivery.

- Maintenance and operations.

- Professional consulting.

Our products are:

- Packaged professional solutions.

- Applicative components.

AXA Group Solutions employs around 750 collaborators in 7 countries (France, Germany, India, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom). This international and multicultural presence can serve our customers and ensure proximity of our services.

What are our jobs?

We cover a wide range of professions, from business analysts or project managers to development and maintenance of IT solutions and expert roles such as test engineers or architects. We re-group under one single management, teams working on similar solutions.

Do you want to join us? Click here for reading our career opportunities and job openings in our 7 countries and maybe your application for a job will be the opportunity for you to have an international experience.

AXA Group Solutions’ business finds its source of strength particularly in human competencies. What enables us to make the difference is the quality of service delivered, day in and day out, by the talented and dedicated men and women of AXA Group Solutions.

Moreover, we share AXA values to found our ambition: attaining leadership in our core Financial Protection business.

- Team spirit,

- Integrity,

- Innovation

- Pragmatism,

- Professionalism.

If you would like to join us, it is therefore important that you understand what the AXA Group is, what AXA Group Solutions’ jobs are, and how you might contribute.