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Bramer Asset Management Ltd (‘Bramer Asset’) is a full-fledged investment services operator licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius. We offer a comprehensive range of financial solutions to both retail and institutional bodies.
As a pioneer in the financial industry with over 15 years experience, both on the local and international markets, our diversified and dynamic team has the distinction of introducing the finest investment solutions ever offered to our clients in the history of the company. Our innovative solutions ensure that clients’ investment objectives are met with a minimum risk exposure.
With assets under management of approximately USD200m, Bramer Asset is also the manager of the largest property fund in Mauritius; the Bramer Property Fund Ltd.

Our investment philosophy is founded on the strong belief that each and every person should have access to the large scale of wealth offered on the market.
We have launched new products on the market place in the quickest, most economical and efficient manner. We craft our investment products and services by putting our customers at the heart of every profitable opening. We were the first company to offer investment plans as little as MUR10,000 on the Mauritian soil.
‘We have formed our company as a team, we manage as a team, and we thrive with our clients as a team.’

By definition, a Collective Investment Scheme (‘CIS’) is a financial instrument which gathers a pool of investments made by a large number of clients with the objective of creating a larger, well diversified CIS portfolio and is managed by professional Fund Managers.
At Bramer Asset Management, our clients can benefit from our range of Collective Investment Schemes offerings which include the Balanced Growth Fund, the Authorised Long Term Ethical Equity Fund and the Emerging Africa Bond Fund.
The benefits of our CIS Funds:
-Our funds are based on an open ended model/structure where our investors can acquire and redeem their holdings at any point in time based on the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the Fund during the calendar year.
-Our funds spread your investments over a range of products (a mix of both local and international equities, and bonds) to protect your monies from market and inflationary risks.
-We help increase our investors’ capital growth on their initial investments, yielding returns which can be in the form of an increase in share price or non-taxable dividends during each financial year as approved by the Board of Directors.