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CDC Innovation is an international venture capital firm based in Paris with a local presence in the Silicon Valley at Palo Alto and in Geneva, Switzerland.

We invest primarily in companies in information technologies and life sciences in Europe.

We seek to partner with talented entrepreneurs and management teams to build world-class businesses.

We invest in both early stage and later stage companies with strong growth prospects.

We typically invest up to 6 M€ in an initial round and up to 10 M€ may be invested over several rounds of financing.

We act as lead or co-lead investor, take an active part on the board of directors, and work closely with the management team to create value.

We can be sole investor or part of an international syndicate of investors. We are pragmatic and do what makes sense for the business and our investment.

CDC Innovation's investment team seeks to identify the best investment opportunities in the following sectors:

- Information technologies

- Life Sciences

Moreover, the team seeks to capitalize on the growing convergence between the clean technologies, life sciences and IT as well as between the biopharmaceutical and medical devices markets.

During the selection and analysis process, the team specifically looks for companies meeting the following general criteria:

- Quality of the management team with strong execution capacity

- Large and fast growing targeted markets

- Technology relevant to users with a relatively short adoption time and an acceptable cost of development

- Core technology with strong proprietary features inherently scalable and flexible

- Clear competitive advantage in terms of time-to-market and technology advance

- Credible and sustainable business model

- Reasonable capital requirements for proving the concept and/or product and for advancing significantly down the development path (for life sciences)