CaixaBank, Espagne

CaixaBank, Espagne

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CaixaBank is an integrated financial group -with a banking business, insurance activity and investments in international banks- the leader in retail banking in Spain and with a solid commitment to growth both domestically and internationally, thanks to its proven experience in investments in the banking sector, and the prudence that characterises it.

CaixaBank works to provide the best and most complete service to the largest possible number of clients and encourages saving and investment. At the same time, with Caja de Ahorros y Pensiones de Barcelona, its referent shareholder, it shares the commitment to people and the environment, with the desire to create value for its shareholders and make a decisive contribution to society as a whole.

Management strategy

The CaixaBank group tends towards a universal bank model with the vocation of providing a personalised, quality and innovative service that is adapted to the needs of its large base of 10.5 million clients. The heavy involvement in commercial activity of the employees, through the extensive network of branches, where the basic core of the relationship with the client is established, is complemented by an efficient and technologically cutting-edge system of multi-channel distribution.

Banking business turnover

CaixaBank manages a total banking business turnover of more than 428,000 million euros, on the 30 September 2011, with total client resources of more than 240,000 million euros.

Leader in retail banking in Spain

CaixaBank is the leader in penetration in the retail market in Spain and continues increasing its market share in the different products and banking services. The strategic aim, starting from the leadership in individual saving banks, is to achieve outstanding positions in other segments such as the Company Bank, the Personal bank, the Private Bank or the SME Bank. Thus, through an appropriate segmentation of clients, the commercial activity is focused on offering a personalised and quality service.

The CaixaBank group complements its banking products with a specialised offer through insurance companies, consumer credit establishments and managers of group investment and securitisation institutions. The insurance group VidaCaixaGrupo is the leader in the Spanish life insurance and pension market. It has an extensive range of insurance products, both life insurance and others, which provide close to 6 million clients with a personalised service managing an equity of more than 33,000 million euros.