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Cloud sub-programme lead H/F

New 20 juillet Seine-Saint-Denis, Montreuil CDI

Cloud Sub-Programme Lead H/F
Your missions?

The Role :
Proactively lead and drive the Cloud Transformation Sub-Programme in alignment with the Programme Stakeholders, ultimately to deliver the transformation objectives in a cost, time and quality driven way.

    ? Drive the delivery of the Sub-Programme through ownership of the objectives and monitoring their achievement.
    ? Prepare and lead the Sub-Programme Steering including the elevation of main issues to be resolved, tracking and follow-up as well as the logistics. Establish & improve the steering to reach executive grade.
    ? Manage change and facilitate communication with Sponsors and Stakeholders, including ?hands-on' interaction to produce executive grade materials to convey succinct messages to management.
    ? Oversee and challenge the projects, their reporting, risks and escalations. Immerse oneself within the projects, project meetings and decisions; take direct action and coordinating accordingly.
    ? Proactively prepare and support inputs to the overall Programme and the Customer Pole Steering's to respond to needs, challenges as required for this scope.
    ? Manage and deliver own projects in line with objectives of the transformation programme.
    ? Support and assist the wider Programme Management Office to achieve success for the overall Programme.
    ? Promote innovative evolutions to strengthen the outcome delivered from the Sub-Programme / Programme.
    ? Support the maintenance of the Sub-Programme / Programme information in the referential.

Achievement of the Programme Norms and Standards adherence is expected.
What about the context?
Context :
The Group IT Cloud Programme is a multi-year, global, complex and far-reaching transformation programme with strong ambitions to deliver into the next generation of the BNP Paribas Group IT Platform in a risk managed way.
This opportunity seeks a talented, ambitious and proactive individual with a proven record of accomplishment to deliver fast moving change at Senior Executive Levels of the organisation.
The Cloud Programme Management Office:
The Cloud Programme Management Office is at the heart of the Change and has many objectives extending from the ones mentioned below:

    ? Governance: Ensures that decisions taken are based on the right information and decided by the right people.  The governance role can also include audits or peer reviews, developing project and program structures and ensuring accountability at all levels.
    ? Transparency: Responsible for providing information and being the single source of the truth. Information should be relevant and accurate to support effective decision-making, and provided to people in a way they can understand.
    ? Reusability: Facilitates the sharing of knowledge. This avoids project teams from reinventing the wheel and makes the Programme Mgt Office the pivotal point for lessons learned, templates and best practice.
    ? Delivery support. Eases project teams to do their jobs by reducing bureaucracy, providing training, coaching, mentoring and quality assurance.
    ? Traceability: Provides the function for managing the history content of the Programme.



    ? Bac+5 IT
    ? Adaptability in a constantly changing Transformation Programme.
    ? Communicate with a strong capability to interact with S