EFG Bank Luxembourg S.A

EFG Bank Luxembourg S.A

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District de Luxembourg

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What is the essence of private banking?

Relationships, and the conditions for them to flourish. A nurturing environment, that enables our people to excel at crafting solutions for you.

To us, the fundamental building blocks are people.

Professionals of the highest calibre, free to act in their clients' best interests. Who strive to eradicate life's inconveniences; who simplify complexity.

Welcome to EFG International, a private bank unlike any other.

Private banking is all about you and yours.

You as a person; the goals and passions that drive you. Your life, family, and business interests - all interlinked. They shape our thinking and inform our advice.

We offer a relationship with a professional. Someone committed to crafting solutions, not selling products. To helping to convert aspiration into reality.
A simple formula, perhaps, but the complexity lies in the multiplier: ensuring that strong, long-standing relationships are a businesswide phenomenon, not mere isolated pockets of exception. Technical expertise, crafted into advice, delivered one relationship at a time.