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Direction financière / Consolidation


Internal audit / outsourced activities controller - french speaker H/F

22 mai Ireland, Dublin City Center CDI

Duties and Responsibilities
1.       Controlling and Monitoring all delegated outsourced activities such as but not limited to: Sales and distribution Processes, Subscriptions Process, Claims Handling, Complaints Handling, Quality, Fraud, Freedom of Services (FOS) checks, AML checks, BCP checks, Data protection and Information security.

·       Conduct Third Part Administrators (TPA) and/or Finance Partner onsite audits, off site audits and regulatory visit (when applicable) including all the above mentioned delegated outsourced activities

·       Review & Preparation:
-          Chair cross-departmental meetings as part of the pre-audit process
-          Assessment and monitoring of issues raised
-          Review related contracts & agreements in advance – understanding cross-functioning of business lines.
-          Sample preparation for onsite analysis and review, full analysis of the available partners’ data  
-          Liaise and update all stakeholders and maintain communication with business development team.

·       Conducting on-site audit:
-          Verify that the claims administration and distribution process  are in line with guidelines and contractual agreements
-          Monitor that the quality of all the above mentioned delegated outsourced activities and services to customers provided by these TPA and/or Finance Partners, are meeting the required standards and that there is consistency of methods, processes and practices
-          Control the insurance premium calculation and the related payment processes
-          Monitor complaints handling process and liaise with the relevant Departments for all contentious claims that proceed to lawsuit level
-          Verify the compliance standards and liaise with the Compliance Department for all compliance matters
-          Monitor and assess additional ad-hoc issues identified within various business teams
-          FOS checks – all activities within regulatory norms.

·         Post-Audit & Evaluation:
-          Debrief stakeholders and management team on key issues and results
-          Conduct & report risk-assessment of findings

2.       Audit Reporting and Continuous Evaluation

·       Draft detailed report to established guidelines & standards, documenting results and measurement of key areas
·       Include risk assessment of all issues
·       Report on FOS, BCP and AML checks

3.       Processes and Procedures

·       Cooperate in updating processes and procedures for all current partnerships
·       Analyse and monitor the day to day activity of current  TPA and/or Finance Partners  – and the delivery of SLAs as outlined in the Cooperation Agreement
·       Identify process weaknesses and initiate the implementation of corrective measures
·       Participate to various projects (when applicable)

4.       Training

·       Providing some support on training issues and preparation of training programs.

• Experience with On-site Audits and Control experience.

• Between 3 and 5 years proven background in Life/General Insurance environments.

• Insurance or Audit related certification (e.g.
ACII, IIA) an advantage