International Islamic Bank of Qatar, Qatar

International Islamic Bank of Qatar, Qatar

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United Arab Emirates

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International Islamic has come a long way since its establishment as a full-service bank committed to Sharia principles, on January 1, 1991. With 16 branches at convenient locations and some 75 ATMs across Qatar, International Islamic is well-placed to provide a full array of retail and corporate banking services to its growing customer base. A customer-centric bank, International Islamic role in the banking landscape is achieving prominence as Islamic Banking gains momentum as a viable and sustainable proposition, side by side with conventional banking.

Strategic Alliances
International Islamic is rapidly growing as one of the prominent Islamic banks in the Middle East region and beyond. International Islamic continues to explore new markets for strategic alliances.

Guiding Principle
International Islamic guiding principle is to provide modern Sharia-compliant financial services to meet its customer's expectations and satisfy their needs in an efficient, user-friendly manner. International Islamic is guided by its commitment to deliver value to its customers, shareholders, and employees consistent with their aspirations.

Retail Banking
International Islamic Retail banking focuses on efficient delivery channels and personalized service. The branch network covers major population areas for convenient access. Online Banking. Telephone Banking, SMS Banking, and a 24/7 call center provide additional access and convenience, and enhance the security aspects of International Islamic banking operations. The bank offers various deposit and financing services to consumers. Additionally it offers debit cards, credit cards, safe deposit boxes, investment services, money transfers and foreign exchange services. International Islamic retail banking services expand to offer specialized financial services to small and medium sized businesses through a dedicated department staffed with seasoned bankers able to respond timely to the varying and growing needs of this important segment of the economy.

Corporate Banking
International Islamic offers a wide variety of financing and deposit services to large corporations in all segments of the economy. The bank’s relationship managers are seasoned bankers with the depth and understanding of the complex needs of larger corporations. Syndications and financing agreements with other major banks have allowed International Islamic to provide seamless service to its corporate customers.

Investment services & correspondent Banking
International Islamic network of global correspondent banks ensures timely delivery to facilitate money transfers and facilitate foreign trade services to its customers. The bank’s global access permits seamless flow of service and the availability of different investment alternatives to meet customers’ needs.

Human Resources
International Islamic realizes one of its greatest assets is its workforce. To enhance their skills, competence, and assist them realize their careers’ potential, International Islamic allocates significant resources for development and employee.

International Islamic is committed to the national goal of achieving minimum levels of Qatarization at all staffing levels