Scarborough Capital, USA, Annapolis

Scarborough Capital, USA, Annapolis


United States

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Scarborough Capital Management has been helping people prepare for retirement for over two decades

Since 1989 we've offered our signature 401(k) and 403(b) Savings Plan Management service for employees participating in their company retirement plans. Currently we work with individuals at over 125 different plans ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small and midsized businesses.

Our Vision is Simple... We listen to what you want out of life, we analyze the resources at your disposal, we create a plan showing how to effectively use those resources to reach your goals and we help you carry out that plan.

A comprehensive array of financial planning help for people in all stages of life.

Besides investment management of 401(k) and 403(b) plans, we also provide rollover services should you have an job change, as well as offer a full suite of financial services ranging from management of IRA assets to retirement-income distribution planning to risk and insurance management to wealth preservation and estate planning.

Some would call us a boutique wealth management firm, but our desire is to help every client achieve their own definition of financial well-being.

We are not defined by the average size of the portfolio we manage. Our clients are regular folks who work hard to provide a quality life for their family.

The characteristics our clients share include:

- A desire to take charge of their finances
- An understanding of the importance of planning for the future
- An understanding of the value that financial professionals can add to their own thinking
- A need for the comprehensive services of a financial planner, rather than the sales approach of a stock broker
- A desire for independent thinking unconstrained by sales quotas of a firm that sells its own products.