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Team Trade is a leading Business Consultancy and IT Services Company dedicated exclusively to the financial services industry. Founded in Paris in 2000, Team Trade went on to open subsidiaries in Luxembourg, Milan, London and New York to cover the European and North American market.

Team Trade stands at the intersection of IT and Finance. Our Experts' pooling of knowledge and experience provides a global approach that makes a project successful. Our functional scope of operations covers Front, Middle and Back Offices and Risk Management in the following areas: Investment banking, proprietary trading, fund management, asset management, private banking, intermediation, brokerage, securities, securities services and custody

Every year our consultants accomplish several hundred successful assignments in the following service areas as individuals or as part of a team project:

Consultancy: organisation, audit, architecture.

Financial Software Integration: vendor/client relationship manager, implementation, support,

upgrades and optimization.

Information System Expertise: project management & coordination, financial system specialist (business analysts and software engineers).

Infrastructure: telecoms, internet, systems, security, networks.