The export-import Bank of China

The export-import Bank of China

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Founded in 1994, the Export-Import Bank of China is a state bank solely owned by the Chinese government and under the direct leadership of the State Council. Its international credit ratings are the same as China's sovereign ratings. The Bank is headquartered in Beijing. It has more than 20 business branches inside China, one branch and two representative offices outside China, namely the Paris Branch, the Representative Office for Southern and Eastern Africa and St. Petersburg Representative Office. It has established correspondent banking relationship with more than 1,000 banks.

The Bank's main mandate is to facilitate the export and import of Chinese mechanical and electronic products, complete sets of equipment and new- and high-tech products, assist Chinese companies with comparative advantages in their offshore project contracting and outbound investment, and promote international economic cooperation and trade.

Business Scope :

- Export credit and import credit;
- Loans for offshore contracts and overseas investment;
- Chinese Government Concessional Loan;
- International guarantee;
- Onlending loans from foreign governments and international financial institutions;
- International and domestic settlement and corporate deposits under the loan facilities provided by the Bank;
- Raising funds in domestic and international capital markets and money markets;
- International inter-bank loans, organizing or participating in international and domestic syndication loans;
- Renminbi inter-bank borrowing/lending and bond repurchases;
- Foreign exchange transaction and approved risk-protection foreign exchange (FX) business for client;
- Creditworthiness investigation, consultation, appraisal and witness services which are relevant to the Bank's business;
- Other business approved or entrusted.
- We look forward to establishing extensive contact and expanding cooperation with friends in financial, economic, and trade sectors both at home and abroad.