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Vitae means ‘life’. … Our relationships with our clients, candidates and employees are for the long term, NOT here today, gone tomorrow. How do we actually achieve this?

Less is more… we operate an exclusive Member driven database, based on quality and NOT size.

The norm: with a few key words on your CV you will find yourself on the database of most agencies – some will not even take the time to speak with you.

Our candidates seek membership and NOT just registration :
The norm: a random application that could lead to a CV being sent here there and everywhere without permission or relevance.    

We match individual talent to company needs, and NOT CV’s to jobs :
The norm: throw as many CV’s at a client as possible and hopefully one will hit the mark.

Commercially aware consultants and NOT trainees :
The norm: a valued client portfolio used as a training ground for fledgling consultants to learn their trade.

A single point of contact for all recruitment and NOT an agency split into temporary and permanent divisions to suit their business model as opposed to that of the client :
The norm: at least 2 consultants turning up at the client’s office to represent their own separate areas of expertise.

Our employees are given autonomy and respect, and NOT a blanket volume based approach :
The norm: a directive from the top for all to follow regardless of personal flair or initiative.

Partnership NOT process. We get to know your business in order to service your requirements :
The norm: anything for a quick win.