Wuhan Rural Commercial Bank, Chine, Wuhan

Wuhan Rural Commercial Bank, Chine, Wuhan

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Wuhan Rural Commercial Bank is a shareholding commercial bank incorporated in the way of consolidation from the former Wuhan Rural Credit Cooperatives, Credit Cooperative of China, and has been the first shareholding commercial bank among 19 cities at the deputy provincial level in China.

In April 2008, the preparation leading group of Wuhan Rural Commercial Bank was formally established at the specialized conference of the People’s Government of Wuhan; In August 2008, the preparation scheme of restructuring Wuhan Rural Credit Cooperatives into Rural Commercial Bank had been submitted to and approved by the State Council, which made it the first Rural Commercial Bank at the deputy provincial level in China. In March 2009, China Banking Regulatory Commission officially approved to establish Wuhan Rural Commercial Bank; on August 28th, China Banking Regulatory Commission had officially approved the opening of Wuhan Rural Commercial Bank.

Head office of Wuhan Rural Commercial Bank locates in Wuhan. Currently, the head office governs 18 departments, 14 branches, 216 subbranches (banking offices) and has its offices all over the urban and rural areas in Wuhan and more than 3000 management workers and staffs.

As approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission, Wuhan Rural Commercial Bank mainly deals with: collecting public savings; granting short-term, mid-term and long-term loans; settling domestic exchange; handling international business; handling acceptance and discount of notes; issuing, cashing and underwriting government bonds as an agent; purchasing and selling government bonds and bank debentures; dealing with inter-bank borrowing; providing service of bank card and debit card; handling receipts and payments as well as insurances as an agent; providing service of safety-deposit box; and other businesses approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission.

Wuhan Rural Commercial Bank will consistently carry forward the strategy of urban and rural development at the same time. In the suburb, it shall focus on the services for the economic development of “agriculture, countryside and farmers”, while it concentrates on the services for regional economy, medium and small enterprises and community residents in the city center. It shall fulfill its mission to serve urban and rural areas and enrich the public, and make all efforts to become a modernized shareholding commercial bank with “first class management philosophy, first class development speed, first class customers, first class management level, first class staffs, first class branch system and first class investment return”.

Wuhan Rural Commercial Bank shall further integrate resources, optimize arrangement, adjust structure, break the barriers in the mechanism and system, accelerate the establishment of a new efficient operation structure with distinct property right and perfect governance, make full use of potential resources and capital efficiency to the maximum, and provide powerful credit facilities and financial supports for the construction of “resource-saving, environment-friendly society” and new socialist countryside in Wuhan metropolitan area.

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