CA CIB China


Corporate planning and performance management & general secretary of cacib china H/F

18 juin China CDI

- the implementation and the follow-up of the commercial strategy of CACIB China Limited and the proper coordination of various local projects (including ALEGRE) for the local SCO

- the active portfolio management of assets originated in consistency with internal and regulatory constraints (Country Risk Limit, PI Objectives, Liquidity constraints…)

- the monitoring of China Franchise profitability and the measurement of client performance

- the coordination with Head of GMD and GMD business manager related to the development of GMD franchise

- the internal support for the SCO for regulatory discussions with local regulatory bodies (PBOC, CBRC, SAFE,…), in coordination with the local Compliance Officer

- the supervision of the communications plans and the organization of internal and external events

- the organization of the Board meeting of CACIB China Limited, in coordination with the local COO.

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